This Way for the Magic

Want to experience some of The Original Spinners magic for yourself? Now you can.

Our new, eight week dance improvisation course is open to anyone happy to leave their preconceptions at the door and ready to experience 90 minutes of pure fun and exercise.

As with other dance classes there is a physical element – a cardio workout along with some strengthening and stretching. But with The Original Spinners you get so much more. Our classes are about expression, interaction and authentic and playful movement. Not forgetting a great soundtrack.

We’ll improvise and use elements of clowning. We’ll be playful. We’ll definitely laugh. Over the course of the eight weeks we will explore dance improvisation and learn some of The Original Spinners choreography.

Most excitingly, at the end of the eight weeks there will be an opportunity to perform a surprise happening at a major Bristol event.


Interested but not sure you can “dance”? All our work is inclusive and we love to share the joy of dance, particularly with those who feel uncertain for whatever reason. Dance is for everyone. We’re firm believers in that. Everyone is welcome at these classes, although U18s will need to be with an adult. And you can drop in any time.


The music you’ll be dancing to comes from all genres. As you’d expect from a former DJ, company director Rachael who curates the playlist for our sessions, draws inspiration from every style of music. Old or new, from Drum & Bass to classical – literally anything could find its way onto the soundtrack. Rachael might even use her gongs!

The lowdown

Giving yourself permission to let go of your worries and express yourself is a great gift.

Giving yourself permission on a Monday evening? Even better.

These classes are your opportunity to be part of something magical and inject some positive energy back into the world. They also help support our continued Dance for Parkinson’s work at the Trinity Centre.

What’s stopping you?

Come join us.


The Original Spinners run Dance for All sessions:

Mondays 6.30-8 (Hamilton House)

Runs from June 3-July 22.

£5.00 per session

Contact us for more details

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