Our Productions

We create performance and workshops for festivals, community events, celebrations and other gatherings.

We Set Sail

A large-scale performance commissioned by Bristol City Council for the 2012 Harbour Festival. A cast of 38 was made up of members of The Original Spinners alongside those who had participated in one of our 8-week courses, members of Misfits and a handful of young children.

Winter Wonderland

A 20-minute performance created for Katherine House Residential Home Christmas party. Using a mix of traditional and new Christmas music, the performance connected and engaged with the audience.

Land of Play

A magical, participatory performance that can run from 15 minutes to an hour to suit the needs of the event. We use an ever-changing soundtrack including classical, traditional and contemporary Balkan/Gypsy music, film soundtracks, drum and bass and more.

Festival of Ages

Commissioned by Wyldwood Arts this intergenerational dance performance was created over 10 weekly sessions and involved primary school-aged children and older people.

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