Our Walkabouts

These are playful and interactive dance performances designed for moving around community events and social gatherings. We show up and get everyone involved.


A participatory and playful dance walkabout set to a wonderful soundtrack, sometimes quietly contemplative and at other times playful and fun. These delightfully costumed birds are there to welcome audiences in, on a mission to share beautiful music, movement and puppetry.


These C(l)ow(n)boys ride into town and tie up their horses at your watering hole. We are the C(l)ow(n)boys with no name. Danger fits us like a glove. And we also quite like to dance. Get ready for a showdown!

Synchronised Swimming

Our Olympic level, gold medal-winning “Synchronised Spinners, Original Swimmers” team. This lot are probably the best in the world at Synchronised Swimming (on land)! We aim out to find new gold medal-winning members for our team: be prepared to join in and show us your on-land, underwater skills. Please note you will have to complete a swimming proficiency questionnaire before entering our pool and may be asked to provide certificates to prove your abilities. Medals are awarded!

The Original Spinners are supported by