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We work with anybody to deliver workshops and courses across all ages and communities. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Eight-Week Courses

We offer eight-week courses in Bristol for adults during which a group happening is created and ultimately performed to a piece of music. These can emerge from improvisational work that the group does together or they can be learnt from previously choreographed pieces. Performances are always carefully crafted in order to leave moments for improvisation and creativity, inviting both company members and audiences to join in. This gives everyone the freedom and opportunity for movement and dance.

Classes for Children

Improvised dance offers young people so many benefits. Creating a space in which they can express themselves and where their individual contributions are valued is key to our work. We encourage them to work together as a team but also give opportunities to lead. We teach them how to observe each other and react through improvisation. Self-confidence grows alongside their learning to connect with both themselves and the rest of their group. These classes are perfect as a term-time or after school activity as a one-off or series of workshops.

Classes can be tied in with the national curriculum.

Clowning for Dementia with Angela Halvorsen Bogo

This course is open to people at all stages of the clowning journey but particularly those with an interest in and experience of working with those with dementia. The course is delivered by internationally recognised clown Angela Halvorsen Bogo, known for her work in the delicate art of connecting with people with dementia. These courses employ physical and vocal play, moving, observing and exploring our awareness, curiosity and humility in order to meet others with empathy. Expect deep, explorative work engaging numerous transferable skills.

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