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Photo credit: Rachael James


Photo credit: Rachael James


Photo credit: Rachael James


The Original Spinners is an inclusive community dance company

We bring people across all ages and communities together to give them opportunities to participate in dance and play.

Through the shared experience of movement and expression to music we help create moments of magic that transcend our differences.


The Original Spinners - Courses

Courses & Workshops

Dance for Parkinson's

A growing body of evidence points to the real physical, mental and social benefits experienced by people living with Parkinson’s when they dance.

Our aim is to bring people with Parkinson’s and their carers together to enjoy movement, music and self-expression in a non-judgemental environment.

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"It was really beautiful and moving. Be very, very proud."  

Marie Mccluskey MBE

Director at Swindon Dance

"Thank you so much for being part of Bristol Open Stage on Sunday. It was a really evocative piece of work, which really added to the variety of arts seen in Showcase 1.  The feathers/flight sequence was particularly effective. The music choices were great, too."

James Perries

Bristol Old Vic

"A massive well done! You did the city proud." 

Katy Noakes

Arts Officer Bristol City Council

“It makes me feel good, it gives me a workout, it has emotional content and it requires interaction with other dancers. All these benefits enable me to live with a little more ‘joie de vivre’ in my life.”

Class participant

Southmead Dance for Parkinson’s

"I say about the dancing: it’s beautiful, it’s enigmatic, plenty of fun!"


Misfit’s movement sessions

"One thing I took from Shambala this year was remembering how to play – which is a wonderful thing. It was hitting the clowning workshop straight away that helped me throw off the 'self-consciousness and status anxiety', so... thanks!"

Workshop participant

Shambala Festival

"I need this. When I came I felt a bit low and down but now it’s okay. I’m happy!" 

C Varga

Getting to Know the Roma project

Our Dance for Parkinson’s Practice

As community dance artists trained in delivering Dance for Parkinson’s we have the pleasure of seeing first-hand the benefits dance can bring to those living with this condition. And because we see these benefits on a weekly basis we are passionate about spreading the word about why this practice is so wonderful!
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Why We Dance and Play

I feel so lucky to live in Bristol where I live and work close to the city’s vibrant and diverse cultural centre. It’s a constant reminder to me of the importance of the work we do at The Original Spinners, which is about engagement and bringing people across all ages and communities together.
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